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Sheikh Al Muaaridh

Town Taxi

Simply put: A given value of the price of the car before the accident and a given value of the price of the car after the accident with consideration they had lost their market value after the accident.

Compensation is as follows:

Example: If your car has been priced at $ (100,000) before the incident and was priced at $ (70,000) after the incident,

There is a difference between the compensation value what is reimbursed by any amount (30000).


It may be a simple Hadzq and thus does not shift whereby Sheikh and only section estimating workshops assess the damage and cost pricing. This situation applies only to the old cars somewhat, place shock in light car or if the accident was just a simple scratch. This is not to be "expensive" cars that turned to Sheikh is in charge. Some Cars may be hit by a subtle but unique species may be expensive and parts are of high prices, this kind of cars will be appreciated "expensive" and which are converted.

What is Sheikh Al Muaaridh and what is his job?

It is a neutral party in exhibitions selling cars selected by official bodies to maintain neutrality and satisfaction of all exhibitions.

It has two functions:

First: Simple resolution of disputes between the opposition because of what happened between them, or if a person complained to him that one of the opposition had to buy it when has placed in them a car or if there is procrastination or manipulation of single exhibits certain procedures.

Second: Estimate the value of the car shocked before and after the incident under official papers addressed to him, whether by traffic or by the appreciation of the offices or by insurance companies or evaluate a car written request from one sound car companies in order to know their value, either for the purpose of selling them or know their market value for certain purposes determined by the applicant

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